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7 Tips on Hiring the Right Employee

7 Tips on Hiring the Right Employee                   

Hiring the perfect candidate for a job description can be a very challenging task. It is both time-consuming and mind boggling at the same time. If you are a hiring manager or anyone responsible for recruiting new employees into your organization, you know how exhausting this process can be because you have to pay attention to monetary and reputation concerns among many other crucial factors.

If right employees who can well-adapt to the working environment or working culture and who possess great potential to contribute to the goals and ventures of the organization are recruited it will definitely be for the betterment of the company or vice versa. Such employees have the capability to contribute to both productivity and efficiency of the working environment.

There are no hard and fast rules as such to follow when hiring new employees. Usually, your natural instincts will help you a great deal in identifying a person with huge potential. Anyway, we are going to tell you 7 tips that will be useful in hiring right employees to your organization.

  1. Write a precise job description

Unless you have a clear picture of a particular job you cannot find the perfect fit for it. Therefore, before rushing into advertising the job vacancy or calling for interviews, analyze the job very well to have a clear idea about what that job actually demands from its employee. A proper analysis will give you an insight on duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, and outcomes of that specific job.

The job description will also help applicants to decide whether they have what it takes to do this job well or not. In the mean time you can use the job description to plan your recruiting strategy for hiring the right candidate.

  1. Make use of networks and social media

You can make use of new technology to know something extra about your potential candidates. You can easily Google the names and see whether anything interesting comes up or not. Checking the LinkedIn profiles is one of the best ways to know about the professional background of an applicant. However, you should be careful not to let anything personal that you find on social media about the applicant to cloud your professional judgments with relevant to the job requirements. Social media can be used only as a platform for skills assessment of a candidate by going through his online portfolios or past accomplishments.

  1. Implement a proper recruitment strategy

As a hiring manager, it is your responsibility to plan and implement a proper recruitment strategy for hiring employees. You can get the help from other officials who have previous experience regarding hiring new employees as well. Once the planning phase is completed, you can begin the execution phase.

At the very beginning of the execution phase, you can create a checklist. A checklist will help you to complete each step of the hiring process in a systematical way. It will give you the opportunity to keep track of your recruitment efforts and its overall progress.

  1. Review their qualifications carefully

Make sure to spend enough time in reviewing credentials and applications of candidates. Do not consider it as wastage of time because it will be really helpful to you once you start to make the final decision. Take your time in going through the resumes, cover letters, other letters of recommendation, and job application letters of each and every candidate. Check their relevant skills, qualifications, past experiences, and characteristics against the checklist that you have already created. This will help you to narrow down the list of candidates only to the most qualified ones. Then it will be easy for you to choose your pick out of the most suitable candidates available.

  1. Ask the right questions

One of the best ways to analyze a person’s character is by asking them various questions and seeing what kind of response is given to each one of them in return. If you ask the right questions at a job interview, you will be able to distinguish desirable candidates and average candidates separately.

For example, if a candidate constantly blames previous employers as reasons for quitting previous jobs, then you might want to reconsider hiring him because there’s no guarantee that he will not end up doing the same thing again. In addition, you can ask questions to figure out their ambitions and goals and depending on their answers, you can easily decide whether they are capable of bringing something into the organization or not.

  1. Let candidates ask questions from you

If you want to hire the perfect employee, you should allow candidates to ask necessary questions and let them bring something to the table as well. It is always better to hire employees with curious minds. The depth of their questions usually reflects their character and knowledge well. Therefore, letting them to ask questions will help you in making your decision easier.

  1. Pay attention to soft skills

Although candidates with rich resumes and cover letters can be very appealing in an interview, you should pay more attention to their soft skills and communication skills as well. When it comes to a business organization, its employees should be able to handle various social situations and problems. Therefore, you should consider hiring candidates with high emotional intelligence.

Even though the process of hiring new employees to an organization can be a bit tiresome, if you utilize the above tips properly, you will be able to find the perfect employee for your organization quite easily.


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