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7 Tips to Get Hired Fast

7 Tips to Get Hired Fast

Finding the perfect job is not an easy task. If you are lucky enough you might get to join the job you always wanted to do right after college. But for most of us finding that perfect job to be settled once and for all can be a little bit overwhelming. Usually, what happens is that either you don’t get the job you like or you don’t like the job you get.

So, the burning question is how to find that perfect job for you? Normally, you have to go through tedious interview processes to get a job that you think is right for you. Most of the time you end up getting disappointed because the job hunting process is a highly competitive field where you cannot always guarantee the job you desire. Here are seven tips that will help you to secure the job you want the most.

  1. Apply with control

If you are someone who applies to every other job you can find, then it could be the very reason you are still unemployed. Imagine you have applied to hundred jobs and you get an interview call for at least 5% of them. How are you going to prepare successfully for each one of them? You are most likely to end up not preparing well for at least half of them.  What if the perfect job for you happen to be the one you have already neglected? You will definitely feel devastated.

So, it is really important to analyze every job opportunity carefully and apply only for the ones that suit you well. That way you will have plenty of time to get prepared and ace any job interview. Always remember, it is a quality that matters, not quantity!

  1. Write a perfect cover letter

Carrying a perfect cover letter with you to the interview is a foolproof way of impressing the hiring manager. Some recruiters won’t even look at your resume if your cover letter is not that good and focused. Most hiring managers believe that the first paragraph of a covering letter is enough to get an overall picture of the employee.

So, make sure to write a personalized cover letter including all the necessary details. You can always do some prior research, go to the LinkedIn page of the hiring manager or HR director and write a letter that can gain their attention from the very beginning.

  1. Impress with your resume

Never use the same resume for every job that you apply to. Use different resumes to match different types of positions that you are after. Make sure to create targeted resumes that mainly include the employment histories related to the jobs you expect to secure. It is not necessary to include all your past experiences in a single resume. A long resume alone will not guarantee you anything.

Make sure to check and recheck both your resume and the cover letter for any grammatical errors or typos. A single mistake will be enough for your application to be thrown into the trash bin.

It has become a new trend to carry a portfolio to job interviews now. A portfolio includes printed recommendations and examples of past work in addition to the usual resume and cover letter. If you can spend some extra time to create a good portfolio for yourself, it will definitely help you in getting the job you want for sure.

  1. Dress like a professional

No matter what some people say appearances do count in job interviews. You actually make your first impression the moment you walk into the interview room. You should be dressed appropriately to match the post and the type of company you are applying to. You should be able to convince recruiters that you are indeed a professional in this field. The simplest way to do so is to dress like one.

  1. Don’t be fake

Long gone are the days when one could secure a job by being fake-polite at interviews. Fake smiles prepared answers and saying only what interviewers want to hear instead of what you actually believe will not get you anywhere, at least not anymore. Modern companies are looking for genuine people who can express and justify their opinions very well. They need employees with new ideas and suggestions. So make sure to be yourself. Don’t try to over-sell your character or pretend to be someone totally different from yourself.

  1. Practice well

Before going to an interview take some time to fathom what you are going to do once you get there. That doesn’t mean you have to rehearse every answer and line and recite like a parrot in the interview. It only means that it is important to get a basic idea about the post and the company that you are applying to and come up with ideas to present at the interview panel.  Don’t forget practice makes everything perfect!

  1. Follow-up

One of the biggest mistakes done by job seekers is that they do not care to follow-up after an interview. You can always ask for a business card and send an e-mail saying thank you for considering you for the post. It will be a reminder to recruiters about your application. Make sure to tell that you appreciate their decision to consider you for that particular post.

Getting hired to a job is not easy at all. It takes a great deal of commitment and preparation at your end. However, if you make use of the above tips you will be able to get the job you desire most quite conveniently.

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